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under bain or when you were government of massachusetts. jobs, what are you talking about jobs for? you don't know anything about jobs, 47 out of 50 and we're in a fight with this guy? he's leading now? you're kidding me! part of the reason is progressives are more honest than conservatives. when conservatives lose a debate oh, no, we won we won. i don't care, we won. what do liberals do, they said you're right we lost. >> president obama was not prepared for his huge debate. this isn't about left, right good or bad, it's about coming to work to work. >> i think he was taken aback at the brazenness. >> i believe that mr. obama took a licking last night. the public knows that. he seemed not disinterested, but uninterested. he looked as if he really would rather be somewhere else. >> when you've got to lead, try to sit on the ball in basketball and you've got the lead, when you play conservative, you often lose the lead. >> the president bizarrely just failed to show up. >> i'm showing you one of the strongest headline, a full banner based on giving it completely to romney last night. >>
much the federal government trimmed from child health services last year, as fiscal stimulus programs were phased out. in fact, despite election talk about saving young generations from the federal debt, government has been neglecting children more and more. state and municipal spending for them has fallen every year according to the urban constitution. plus outlays for children are projected to drop from 10% to 8%. we have the third worst infant mortality and the second highest teen-age pregnancy rate. we're also in the bottom quarter for literacy. we're under funding our future. >>now that's politically direct. >> eliot: september, 2012, an attack on u.s. consulate in libya killed four americans including ambassador chris stevens. after the attack, the administration claimed the attack was a protest over an offensive youtube video gone bad. >> this is an response to a hateful and offensive video that was widely disseminated throughout the arab and muslim world. >> eliot: almost immediately that story ban to crumble, and it changed day by day and it was confirmed there was never any
of a vacuum because the libyan government does not have the capacity to inject itself and enforce the laws? >> in fact, that's part of the analysis that came forward in the hearing today. it's unclear that if you put more security personnel inside the compound you could have repelled this attack because outside of the fence that responsibility of security rests with the host government, in this case libya understanding that this government, new as it is is challenged, and it does not have the capacity that you would expect in a developed country, for example. i think that came forward today that even with more personnel you can probably construct a credible scenario that fewer people might have been killed. you could construct a credible scenario that fact more people would have been killed if there were more significant confrontation with this armed element that did, in fact, penetrate consulate perimeter. >> eliot: p.j. crowley, former assistant secretary of state for public affairs for president obama. thank you for joining us. >> thank you eliotototototototototototototototototototototo
the economy and create jobs. it is estimated to create 7 million jobs. now, we think that government taking 28% of a family and business in income is enough. president obama thinks that the government ought to be able to take as much as 44.8% of a maul business's income. look, if you passed every person and successful small business making over $250,000 at 100%. they would only run the government for 98 days. if everybody who paid income taxes last year doubled their income taxes last year we would still have a $100 billion deficit. aren't enough rich people to tax to pay for all of their spends. so the next time you hear them say don't worry about it. watch out, middle class, the tax bill is coming to you. that's why we're saying we need million tax reform. out of ten businesses filed their tax as individuals not corporations. the canadians dropped their tax rates to 15%. the average tax rate on businesses in industrialized world is 25%, and the president wants the top effective tax rate on successful small businesses to go above 40%. two-thirs of our jobs come from smal
, but we need government working with private sector. i don't take government money. people think of green and it's a joke. i've done this with private investor capital. we need to get in what i call the future business. we can't be in the service economy, we need to create jobs, make things with our hands. back to manufacturing. back in virginia where i live, the clothes textiles, furniture mills, they're sad. let's build wind turbines facilities. >> gavin: the challenge is people go where the costs are month modest. i think you're right. the cheap china being the thing of the past, and the cost of robots that they're building the iphones and other things, but what about the manufacturing, the value equation for manufacturing in america, still not necessarily where we need to be. there is a legacy cost, sirs as you say, health and pension it's not a race to the bottom but how can we bring manufacturing back? >> president obama has strived--he has had good manufacturing plans. congress has not been a willing ally, which i think is crazy. we're the greatest country in the world. technologic
that big bird was driving the federal government. >> cenk: great numbers unelement has fallen to a 44-month low to 7.8%. it used to be at 8.1% so we're finally below 8%. 114,000 jobs have been added and the july and august numbers added moreobobhich happepe all the t time.im thisthss gat gewatew foror america. more people back at work. so of course the republicans are celebrating right? of course not. no way. they're panicked over it. oh, my god this is going to cause us this election. dammit, i can't believe more americans are working. now go to unbelieving. unbelievable jobs numbers. these chicago guys will do anything. can't debate, so change numbers. that's ironic coming from jack welsh because g.e. was fined by the fcc $50 million for cooking their books for about a decade. it began under jack welsh puerto rico i cook the books. i assume that they'll be as dirty as i am. >> you're saying that the administration is actively manipulating that data, correct? >> well, absolutely. >> i want to read you one tweet from jack welch who used to run general election. a man who most people would a
the government equals what the pentagon spends in just sixth hours. and other things have to do with debunk things that were said in virginia. the claimed that president obama did not sign any trade agrees in the last four years. untrue. and the president has wrapped up and signed new trade agrees with south korea, panama and columbia, and as for the president wants to put space or die light between the u.s. and israel, that too is false. and the obama administration repeatedly emphasizes that it is committed to israel's security. we're back with more steph after the break. join us. ♪ unleashed. joy behar. >> on my next show, robert klein can't stop his leg, gilbert gottfried can't stop his mouth and i can't stop laughing long enough to ask a question. [ male announcer ] this is karen and jeremiah. they don't know it yet but they're gonna fall in love get married, have a couple of kids, [ children laughing ] move to the country, and live a long, happy life together where they almost never fight about money. [ dog barks ] because right after they get m
in government who spent month after month year after year doing serious statistical work and he is calling their reputation and credibility into question based on nothing. i was responsible for getting those numbers. we got those on a thursday evening at a certain time when the federal reserve got them we had essentially a very short time to analyze them, and write a report, which the next day the administration, us, made public. when the bureau of labor statistics made the numbers public. there was absolutely never a whisper of advance information. an exchange of information from the top down or bottom up. this was all done in a completely controlled way. >> jennifer: there was a "washington post" report about the security precautions that surround this bureau of labor statistics, and this is what the quote was, and of course you have just confirmed this, essentially . . . >> jennifer: i mean really those are some precautions. >> right. right. this was -- essentially this data is incredibly important to global markets around the world, to business decision-making arou
the last ten years building the budget in terms of what the federal government is putting into research. so that's a big issue. not to mention the services you talked about. if those go away or are overdue that will have a significant impact on this population. >> jennifer: so talk on a personal level. because i know you have a son that has autism. describe for people how old he is and what he is facing. >> my son is tyler, he is 18. and my wife aye have been at this year 16 years old. and he is a wonderful young man. he is very capable. he has a passion for painting, and we blessed to be able to hopefully provide for him, but we worry constantly -- >> jennifer: could healey on his own? >> no, he would not. and that is the case for a significant portion of this population. >> jennifer: and if you didn't have the means, you would have to rely on medicaid? >> we would. something >> jennifer: would it be a group home? >> there are a variety of things. some people want to live with others, some might want to live on their own. there is no one solution here for -- for thi
a lasting government that represents all of them. and syria i'll work with our partners to identify and organize the members of the opposition who share our values, and then ensure that they obtain the arms they need. finally, i'll recommit america to the goal of a democratic, prosperous palestinian state living side by side it in peace and security with the jewish state of israel. >> eliot: of course, much of that matches what the administration is already doing in the middle east. as white house press secretary jay carney said to reporter, and i quote. on iran for example concrete prescriptions that make sense have been acted on. israel's leaders themselves have said that the supreme court from this president is unpress didn't: madeleine albright was more scathing. i think it is really full of platitudes and free of substance. i would really like to ask governor romney and his advisers what he would do differently. and then the campaign ad reminded voters of the hapless response that in the attacks that killed chris stevens. >> romney's response showed a lack of presidential char
street. they are trying to exploit romney's promise to end government support with public television with that banner and this ad. >> big yellow a menace to our economy, mitt romney knows it's not wall street you have to worry about it's sesame street. >> romney: the president is spending his time talking about saving big bird. i'll spend my time talk about saving jobs. >> eliot: eric fehrnstrom seems to think even less. ann romney and tag staged an intervention to help save mitt romney's campaign. but fehrnstrom would have none of it. >> i saw the story. it's a silly little story. there's no truth to it. we're focused on big things. >> eliot: for more let's go to ken voguer and tricia rose. ken, i have just got to start with you, your big scoop here. called meaningless, picky, small, petty. somebody changed mitt romney for the better at least politically. why are they diminishing it so much. >> they don't want to acknowledge they were on the wrong course and clearly they were. there is a little bit of irony as to what got them to the wrong course and that is going
and local government while our citizens still demand high-quality services. >> jennifer: yeah -- [ overlapping speakers ] >> 80-plus percent -- >> jennifer: right you guys are right at the front line. i would imagine while party affiliation is not as important to you, but republican mayors can be important in congress to try to keep the safety net tact. mitt romney told a story today. listen. >> romney: i was in philadelphia some months ago, and a young woman there was pretty emotional about the fact that she was graduated. she had three part-time jobs, and she said my student loans come due in six months. i have to start paying on them. i adopt begin to have enough to pay them. what am i going to do? the best thing i can do is immediately get a boost in this economy. >> jennifer: the question is -- this is advice with how to deal with student loans. >> right. >> jennifer: how effectively is that of a sell -- and you have -- and if you can answer kind of shortly, because i want to make sure i hear every word of it. >> i understand. i assume the young woman
lies we have heard before. and obamacare is a big government program. i don't think joe can be too aggressive. he doesn't have to be obnoxious. that's not his style anyhow. but he has to take on every single one of those. the other thing i think is is important for joe biden, i believe, that he has got to remember, that this is not for him. nobody is going to vote for him or paul ryan. if you are going to vote for just joe biden or paul ryan. if you want to vote for paul ryan and joe biden, you can't do that. it's not about paul or joe, it's about barack obama and mitt romney. and joe biden has to keep bringing it back to the fundamental choices. move forward with obama or move backward with mitt romney. i think joe has to make that point over and over and over again. and then i think it is important for us to realize that in the past there have been some interesting moments in vice presidential debates. we remember when dan quayle said he had as much experience in congress, and he said senator, i served with jack kennedy, jack kennedy was a friend of mine. sena
state. they've talked about it for decades. they're wrecking the state. they're wrecking the government. they're not trying to make it run better. >> michael: all in a week when we heard the government had trunk under the obama--shrunk under the obama administration. i'm going to ask each of you the same question. who won the debate and will it matter. >> i think joe biden clearly won the debate. you can gauge that by the other side complaining by the style issues and not going to the substance. i think it will be merged in the polling data with whatever happens on tuesday in the presidential. but i think they've started a theme. if the president kind of continues in biden's direction it will merge together, and you'll start to see polling data to support that it was a very good debate for the democrats. >> michael: thomas frank. >> i would say biden won on issue but ryan won on decorum. one thing that biden did that i really liked when he would start on those grand rhetorical flights about the wonders of liberalism and the middle class he tend to wander off but those were inspiring. if
reasons is silly ludicrous, and insulting to government workers who have reported news, good and bad faithfully for many decades. it strikes me, jack, that there have been a few more cases of corporate gamesmanship with financial numbers than cases where the government was not honest in the past few years. in fact, didn't your company g.e. have an accounting issue led to a big sec settlement not so long ago? now that you've made this outlandish claim, where is your proof, your evidence, the facts to substantiate you're certification, or is it just a partisan screed? you might remember when my office charged ge then under your leadership with a range of i am preprity we had the proof and the judge forced you to take out a full-page add admitted to your i don't think doing. the key jack, the evidence and facts. but more importantly why should anybody be surprised that we're finally digging out of the trough? i know the corporate titans want to believe that until their taxes are cut to zero nothing good will happen. but here is the thing. over the past four years the steady effort at ke
, if you work for state, local, or federal government. i guess state and local still. we know the federal government has the day off. schools are open today at least in montgomery county. so if you have got the holiday, enjoy it. if not, like the rest of us welcome to the workday. we would be grad to take your calls. a 866-55-press 866-557-7377. having now said that we are all working today, that's not true because dan henning has decided to celebrate the day. >> yeah, he is not italian. >> but peter ogburn here. and siprion is out today too. monty is filling in for him as our video engineer. >> and you're back most importantly, you are back. >> thank you. and a great big thank you to john fugelsang and to jamal simmons for take over the driver's seat- week. good to be back with you. the president and the first lady were back at the white house over the weekend, saturday night at least before the president took off on complain swing, and they not to celebrate their 20th anniversary. they went out for dinner at the bourbon steak restaurant here in washington, d.c. it is al
: let's drill down. when he said the federal government is still standing behind some of the big banks. that's true. that has been one of the big critiques you and i agree. but would mitt romney do anything about it? and if so what? >> in fairness to the president and the dodd-frank rule, that rule has the possibility to get rid of the too big to fail. but when he says he wants to get rid of dodd-frank there would be no bigger kiss than to get rid of dodd-frank. so when romney says i'm going to get rid of dodd-frank but replace it it reminds me for years we have the presidential candidates with secret plans that never come up. all of the secret plans that these candidates have -- romney has a secret plan to replace dodd-frank, to save medicare a plan to save social security. >> eliot: let's take the boca rule where you put capital at great risk the republican party has been fighting that one tooth and nail and if there is one piece of dodd-frank that is critical, that's it. so is romney now saying he is for the vogel rule? >> it was reported today that gold sack wh
confidence in the stock market bloomberg came out saying the shrinkingage of government spending is at a 60-year low. will those numbers percolate enough to counter act what has been perceived as a bad debate performance. >> absolutely. the economy is starting to very slowly and tentatively heal. i think things are slowly getting better. but there is not a go-go economy. >> jennifer: right. the bloomberg -- there was a surprise index issued by bloomberg today which says that the economy is improving more than professional forecasters had predicted. let me talk about the book. plutocrats. can you define that? >> i use it to talk about people at the very very top of the distribution, the 0.001%. that in the united states the threshold is making more than $7 million a year. >> jennifer: and the danger? >> two things. first of all to say to people you know, wake up the gap between the people at the very top and everything else is bigger than it has ever been in america. you know, it has -- it is touching the levels it touched in the guilded age. >> jennifer: an
, romney picks out one of like two or three things that american love the government spending on one is the military b is public broadcasting, and it represents like .001%. >> but ending the bush tax cuts that's -- >> stephanie: yeah. and we end with rush. >> biden says we want to let the tax cut expire. see you are supposed to be satisfied that the increased tax payments from the rich go to government. that's supposed to make you happy. when i hear stuff like that it's like how can anybody has an iq over that of a pencil eraser. >> stephanie: wow. i think the vast majority of the american people think we shouldn't have tax cuts for the rich, right? >> yeah and limbaugh's complete inability to understand how joe biden might be reelected again, or barack obama, we see this over and over again, just cannot understand incomprehensible, because they have been listening to the rhetoric for the last couple of years. and here they are, three or four weeks away. so they can't figure it out, and that goes back to the jobs conspiracy, polling conspiracy digging up videos from f
them from the government. that's how walmart gives you prices that are so low. they put the costs on the rest of us. what are they doing? some of the employees are literally striking back. for the first time in 50 years there was a multi-city strike in walmarts across the country. one of the reasons why they were striking initially because they didn't have ceiling fans in the warehouse they were working in. do you know how hot the warehouse was? 120 degrees. put in ceiling fans for the love of christ. now there is a report in arkansas about some of these strikers. >> protesters figured they had seen every top honcho in the company if they showed up, and they did in mass. the protesters are with a group called "making changes in walmart." they came from dallas, miami san francisco, they're complaining about low wages lack of benefits, safety concerns and lack of opportunities for advancement. >> cenk: so now in cities across the country, dallas seattle miami, los angeles washington, d.c. san francisco sacramento laurel, maryland, theythere are strikers. employee ins across the worl
claim where something is worse than it was four years ago. >> bill: there is a new government in egypt, in tanishia, the arab spring has happened. >> yes, and he presents it as a threat and then he pivots to praise it. it is much more nuance many people who are islamist also want peace. this is actually the kind of thing we want to see, the arab people taking their faith in their own hands. >> bill: let's talk about iraq romney is critical of the president >> romney: america's ability to influence represents for the better of iraq has been undermined by the abrupt withdrawal of our entire troop presence. >> bill: first of all it was hardly abrupt and secondly what is he suggesting? that we should not have ends the war in iraq. >> more than that it was president bush who signed the withdrawal agreement. these are sins of omission. so it was president bush who agreed to withdrawal all u.s. combat forces. >> bill: does he really think the american people want to continue this war in iraq? >> of course not. the american people wanted us out then, and want us out of
of the way. >> that is such a twist on what americans are always saying. if the government will get out of the way. hello, they're government, and they're blocking the progress that they're trying to make. it was a beautiful twist. i loved how he raised 47% right out of the gate. something that we're all missing in the first debate. >> cenk: there is so much to like there. when he said look, you care about people, but show it to me in your policy. your policies don't indicate that. when i look at how aggressive he was, i thought it was what did you think. >> jennifer: i totally thought it was refreshing. but it wasn't just his enthusiasm and compassion, but he was specific about it. his energy was great. he brought it to people. you know, when he looked at the camera and talked about who do you trust? that was a--ump! >> cenk: exactly. the lead pipe was rhetorical attacks, but the blowtorch in my opinion was the substance and specifics. let's go to that. >> jennifer: you got more. >> with all due respect that is a bunch of malarky. not a similar thing he said is accurate. this is a bunc
. they are entrepreneurial, many come from countries where they don't want the government involved. >> jennifer: the catholics -- >> very religious. thank goodness they keep making the mistakes. >> jennifer: there is an assumption on the part of the republicans that latinos don't vote. there was an "washington post" article that said the number one myth about latinos is that latinos don't vote. >> that is a myth. and you have to understand it's a much younger population and we know younger people don't vote. so when the median age of hispanics is 25 compared to non-hispanic whites at 35, 37 you can understand why there would be this gap. but i think texas is really -- i'm counting -- maybe not in play in 2016 but definitely in play in 2020. it is -- >> jennifer: that's way too far away for me. >> i agree. >> jennifer: last question is the voter suppression efforts who could keep as many as 10 million latino voters away -- the courts seem to have been catching with up this -- >> i'm very concerned about that. there was a decision in florida that allowed the purge of n
and said the growth of spending in government is the lowest it has been in 50 years. >> cenk: and i would say we are on our way to fixing what you guys broke. >> jennifer: exactly. >> cenk: and we talked about how karl rove is still very much in the mix. it's the same guys. it's the same money guys and rove getting the exact same policies that got us into the mess in the first place. >> john: and paul ryan voted to add $4 trillion to the deficit. he is the problem. this is the first vp debate in history where both candidates are roman catholics, and i would love to see them questioned about their faith and how their faith forms their policy and how their faith deviates from the vatican which is against the death a penalty, abortion and completely against the iraq war. >> eliot: that question is not going to be asked. >> john: it is not, but that's the kind of question i would ask, because if the guys are going to taught their faith on the campaign trial we deserve to know how much they are aligned with the vatican. >> cenk: barack obama attended martha raddatz's weddi
by government, charity, or by the hospital. first of all no you get a bill. and jacki you and i were talking the other day, and sadly you would beg to differ based on personal experience. >> yeah, it's a horrible story. i have a friend who was 25 -- he just passed away a couple of weeks ago because he didn't have health insurance and got pneumonia and didn't know how sick he was, and ended up going to the doctor and it was too late. and he passed away. and beside the fact that we lost an incredible young man because he and i met on because he and i worked on the same campaign to fight for health care reform. >> stephanie: yeah. it's a different thing when you have a personal story, and you read about this kind of rhetoric. 45,000 americans still die every year because they lack health insurance. >> people don't go to the doctor because it's too expensive. and it gets to the point where they get too sick, and by the time they get to the emergency room we know that is the place of last resort and they get there, and there is either nothing they can do, or they don't have the
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